PVC & Aluminium Flexible Hoses

We manufacture a wide range of flexible hoses for many domestic and light industrial applications in diameters ranging from 60mm to 500mm.

Round and Rectangular PVC Flexible Hose

A light wire-reinforced white PVC hose for domestic applications including cooker hoods, tumble dryers and bathroom fans.
  • For use to overcome situations where a rigid duct cannot be installed.
  • Suitable when there is slow moving air.
  • PVC hose has a maximum working temperature of 70°C.
  • A wide range of connectors, clips and tapes provide effective
  • connections to Verplas rigid ducting systems and outlets.

Round and Rectangular Pvc Hose Available in white and grey

We manufacture a wide range of flexible hoses for many domestic and light industrial applications in diameters ranging from 60mm to 500mm.

102mm dia, 1m length P0032/102/35
102mm dia, 3m length P0092/102/35
102mm dia, 6m length P0180/102/35
102mm dia, 10m length P0305/102/35
102mm dia, 15m length P0440/102/35
102mm dia, 45m length P1310/102/35
133mm dia, 1m length P0032/133/35
133mm dia, 3m length P0092/133/35
133mm dia, 6m length P0180/133/35
133mm dia, 10m length P0305/133/35
133mm dia, 15m length P0440/133/35
152mm dia, 1m length P0032/152/35
152mm dia, 3m length P0092/152/35
152mm dia, 6m length P0180/152/35
152mm dia, 10m length P0305/152/35
152mm dia, 15m length P0440/152/35

112 x 56mm, 0.5m length R0.5M110X55
112 x 56mm, 1m length R1M110X55
112 x 56mm, 3m length R3M110X54
153 x 73mm, 0.5m length R0.5M150X70
153 x 73mm, 1m length R1M150X70
153 x 73mm, 3m length R3M150X70
206 x 62mm, 0.5m length R0.5M204X60
206 x 62mm, 1m length R1M204X60
206 x 62mm, 3m length R3M204X60

Polyester Reinforced Pvc Flexible Hose


This is a reinforced highly resilient PVC flexible hose designed to be used for low & medium pressure heating, ventilation, cooling and exhaust systems. It is manufactured from hardwearing PVC with high tensile steel wire.

82mm dia, 6m length GPVC82X6
102mm dia, 6m length GPVC102X6
127mm dia, 6m length GPVC127X6
152mm dia, 6m length GPVC152X6
203mm dia, 6m length GPVC203X6
254mm dia, 6m length GPVC254X6
305mm dia, 6m length GPVC305X6

Flexible Aluminium Hose


Wire reinforced aluminium hose with polyester coating for strength. To BS476 Parts 6 & 7 Class 0.

102mm dia, 10m length ALUM102X10
127mm dia, 10m length ALUM127X10
152mm dia, 10m length ALUM152X10
203mm dia, 10m length ALUM203X10
254mm dia, 10m length ALUM254X10
305mm dia, 10m length ALUM305X10
315mm dia, 10m length ALUM315X10
400mm dia, 10m length ALUM400X10
455mm dia, 10m length ALUM455X10
500mm dia, 10m length ALUM500X10

Insulated Aluminium Hose

Aluminium hose with 25mm glass wool insulation to minimise condensation when the hose travels through a cold area such as a roof space. Manufactured to BS476 Parts 6 & 7 Class 0.




Acoustic Insulated Aluminium Hose
Internal Aluminium Hose is perforated giving the hose acoustic properties. Wire wool insulation minimises condensation in cold roof space. Manufactured to BS476 Parts 6 & 7 Class 0

102mm dia, 10m length INS102X10
127mm dia, 10m length INS127X10
152mm dia, 10m length INS152X10
203mm dia, 10m length INS203X10
254mm dia, 10m length INS254X10
305mm dia, 10m length INS305X10

102mm dia, 10m length SONO102X10
127mm dia, 10m length SONO127X10
152mm dia, 10m length SONO152X10
203mm dia, 10m length SONO203X10
254mm dia, 10m length SONO254X10
305mm dia, 10m length SONO305X10

Flexible Aluminium-Pvc Combi Hose


Aluminium and polyester hose with a PVC outer layer used as a substitute for insulated hose in various applications. To BS476 Parts 6 & 7 Class 0.

102mm dia, 10m length COM102X10
127mm dia, 10m length COM127X10
152mm dia, 10m length COM152X10
202mm dia, 10m length COM202X10
229mm dia, 10m length COM229X10
254mm dia, 10m length COM254X10
305mm dia, 10m length COM305X10

Semi-Rigid Aluminium Hose

Semi-Rigid Aluminium Hose


An aluminium foil hose with no reinforcement. Can be twisted to form the desired configuration. Ideal for fans installed on an outside wall. Diameters from 102mm to 152mm.

102mm dia, 300mm length A0.3MS/R102
102mm dia, 1.5m length A1.5MS/R102
102mm dia, 3m length A3MS/R102
127mm dia, 300mm length A0.3MS/R125
127mm dia, 1.5m length A1.5MS/R125
127mm dia, 3m length A3MS/R125
152mm dia, 300mm length A0.3MS/R150
152mm dia, 1.5m length A1.5MS/R150
152mm dia, 3m length A3MS/R150

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